Is this what you think of when you you hear the word ‘symposium’ a big conference screen and a speaker behind the podium with rows of rigid seats, maybe packed full or sparsely occupied, depending on the notability of the speaker? There is nothing ‘wrong’ with that model but what if it were just a little….different. 

Maybe a little bit of both? Music, dancing, sing-along, for the kids and demonstrations for the adult kids in all of us… Some mystery, some mastery… 

We will have networking discussions on many community and personally driven topics from many experts.


SYMPOSIUM – an occasion at which people who have great knowledge of certain subjects meet in order to discuss a variety of matters of interest. 

“A party or convivial discussion, especially as held in ancient Greece after banquets, relaxing in an open forum or outside..”. 

Do I have to wear a toga? Of course not! BUT you can if you want to! The Greeks and Romans had no problem with it!

We are encouraging everyone to wear white/off-white on the ‘eclipse day’ ceremony! So please pack some white linens if you feel inclined!

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