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Lama Tashi Norbu


Lama Tashi Norbu, a Tibetan Buddhist Monk and artist, embodies a unique fusion of tradition and modernity. Ordained with the name “Tashi Norbu” by Namkhai Nyingpo Rinpoche, who is considered to belong to the legendary sacred Sky Dancers of Tibet.

Among many other accomplishments, Tashi served as a Thangka Painter under His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama’s residence. He was recognized for his gifts and sent to the west to study contemporary art evolving then into a contemporary Tibetan artist who skillfully integrates traditional and modern elements to create art in support of his culture.


Devoted to his belief that being a Tibetan Buddhist Monk is a distinctive path for an artist, Tashi utilizes his art as a medium to deepen people’s understanding of Buddhism and help them recognize their inherent virtues. His paintings, rich in magical tales and vibrant imagery, offer insights into Tibetan Buddhism’s living qualities.

Tashi’s commitment extends beyond art; he engages in meditation, live painting performances, sand mandala creations, and even tattooing sacred Tibetan art on individuals based on their astrological charts.

Tashi’s life is a profound commitment to alleviate the sufferings of all sentient beings, rooted in the teachings of Buddha. He actively advocates for the preservation of Tibetan art and culture.

He is the Founder and Creative Director of the only registered Tibetan Museum in the world, the Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art based in the Netherlands. His global activities and support for women’s rights in Tibet highlight his dedication to compassion and service.

Tashi’s influence extends internationally, with his paintings exhibited in numerous galleries and museums worldwide.  His current vision is to open a museum in the United States similar to the one he founded in the Netherlands.


Meet Li-Sann Mullings RN, she has been referred to as “a beacon of wisdom and a catalyst for transformation in the realm of holistic and energy medicine.” With over two decades of dedicated service, Li-Sann is the founder of The Temple Of Alchemy & Illumination; an Etheric Healing Temple & Ancient Mystery School that transcends the boundaries of traditional healing.

Li-Sann’s highest calling is to support women leaders, visionaries and change-makers to illuminate their paths with the radiance of self-love, trust, and authenticity, guiding them to confidently break free from limiting beliefs, navigate transformative shifts, and co-create fulfilling lives that ripple positive change throughout the tapestry of existence. 



She envisions a world where empowered women not only embrace their divine feminine power but also serve as catalysts for a collective awakening, each embodying the essence of her Divine Feminine wisdom, and magic, who show up fully to illuminate the globe with their unique gifts, leaving an indelible mark on the world—one awakened presence at a time.

Li-Sann collaborates with beings from all dimensions—”The Luminous Ones” —to orchestrate experiences that surpass mere healing. She is a Remembrance Activator, a magical weaver reconnecting others with their Vast Multi-Dimensional Selves. Through this profound connection, individuals gain access to the deep well of wisdom and gifts accumulated across countless lifetimes, empowering their journey through the time-space continuum.

Li-Sann wears many mystical hats—a Spiritual & Mystical Teacher, a Quero Shaman, a Shiavite Tantrica, an Intuitive & Sacred Sound Healer, a Lifelong Clairvoyant & Hands-on Healer, and a Multidimensional Channel & Bridge. Certified in a diverse array of Energy Healing modalities, from the ancient art of Egyptian Sekhem to the transformative power of the Qabalah, and Hermetic Magic, she stands as a testament to the convergence of ancient wisdom and modern practices.

Featured in esteemed publications such as The Washingtonian Magazine, VoyageLA, ShoutOut LA, and Thrive Global, Li-Sann has garnered international acclaim through her online practice. Her clientele spans the globe, drawn to her unique blend of expertise and spiritual insight.

What sets Li-Sann apart is her profound connection to the Higher Realms of Intelligence. This sacred alliance enables her to seamlessly merge her innate gifts with advanced tools and resources from beyond, including Sacred Geometry Light Codes and Alchemical Elixirs & Formulas. The result is a tapestry of transformation, a journey of lasting change that unfolds in the lives of others.

Known as “The Light Alchemist,” Li-Sann is a living conduit of energetic lightning, the radiant force that serves as “The Last Stop” for many on a profound healing journey. Her ability to navigate the higher frequencies of existence and bring them into the tangible realm sets her apart as a luminary in the world of holistic healing.

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