Vajra(DIAMOND-Lightening) Talks


If you have already agreed to speak and haven’t yet set us your information,  PLEASE FILL-IN THE SPEAKER REGISTRATION/TICKET with RSVP, so we can keep proper track of your details. If you are inviting a guest or vending you can do that on the registration/ticketing page as well. 

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This is a shot of “The BARN” room (the main indoor talk-session space) with max indoor capacity of 275 persons.


….Wonderful Speakers & Facilitators, who have stepped up to come to Dripping Springs for this auspicious HISTORICAL event! On the left of the Screen (or above) is the shot of the main room ‘The Barn’ (how much more Texas can you get!) in which we will be holding the indoor ‘VAJRA (Diamond-Lightning Sessions’ (Note:We will be facing the orange windowed wall with a staging area).


So the obvious next question: What are ‘Vajra Sessions’ or  ‘Vajra Talks’? In the same vein as the popular TED Talks, we have asked speakers to ‘HONE YOUR DELIVERY & YOUR MESSAGE’ into an engaging, connective, AMPLIFYING speech, with limited slides, to a precise cut off at or before 18 MINS (for recording)

We know it may be different, for some speakers who may prefer more stage time! But we are aligning with times and embodying the energetic SHIFT into the AQUARIAN AGE!  Buckle up!

IMG_2816 Large

Here is another photo of “The BARN” room with about 220 people comfortably (with vendor tables, stage, juice bar kitchen, bathrooms and entry lobby, with a side upstairs second vendor area.

BE CONFIDENT & CONCISE: This TED Talk is under 14mins and a very good example of a powerful use of time. These ‘Vajra/Lightning sessions’ will be recorded and posted online for those who attend the symposium, and offered to community members who may wish to view them.  

BE A THOUGHT LEADER but don’t be a ‘thought-less leader’! We have to back it with action. Here is a look (through a satirical lens) at the dramatic backbone of any good inspiring presentation!

BE YOURSELF: This TEDx Talk in WhiteChapel, with Rupert Sheldrake in 2013, made the news for being “banned” as heretical against science for questioning some of its basics concepts surrounding the scientific ethos and consciousness itself. (Here is what you can do with 18 mins as a radical thinker.) 


We suggest that you take a moment and listen; expand your mind (and have a good laugh – laughter is essential as we traverse this transformative portal)! We highly suggest you watch these, in order to better fit your talk(s) into the program.

So to get a feel for a TED TALK, this first one is one of our all time FAVORITES! And it is a good reminder about how to manage todays increasing challenges. It reinforces the message of coming together to strengthen community bonds in stressful times and to use the mind to raise our energy. “Caring Creates Resilience.” 

  • A SESSION/TALK is 18MINS or under. 
  • FIVE MIN WINDOW (more details below)
  • Come to the side stage area 5mins or more before your ‘vajra spot’.
  • We will be using digital projectors with a large projector screen.
  • We be using USB-C or HDMI direct (more details below)
  • We recommend limiting emphasis on slides in your time, and creating more engagement.
Be a thought leader… but don’t just rely on hollow gesturing, virtue signaling or rhetoric. Give meaning to your content. 


Be a radical spiritual warrior with a nuanced opinion… but don’t just “be a megaphone’ to create an issue where there doesn’t need to be one.

Polish your talks and delivery. Refine your message and content for ‘short format’ with a LIGHTNING IMPACT… Remember you are here to ACTIVATE higher consciousness & amplify the cohesion of the group field. 

Relax, laugh, stay on point, on time and … have fun! 

Feel for the SPACE

The grounds and venue space at VISTA WEST RANCH is top-tier. It is one of the “highest ranking” ceremony & wedding venues in the HEART of Central Texas!

  • Rustic Luxury Design Throughout
  • Acres of lush outdoor grounds
  • Grand water fountain
  • Cantina 
  • Multiple Buildings & Facilities 


Like a TED TALK. If you are familiar with the long-running TED Talk format, we have decided to take a similar approach

We are producing and recording these sessions as Vajra (diamond-lightning) Sessions/Talks. 

UNLESS A PRE-ARRANGED SESSION, the “Vajra Diamond” spot for an individual facilitator is 18mins

  • Single Diamond (individuals) block
    • 18 MINS maximum single block
    • 2 min transitions
  • Double Diamond (couples) block
    • 36 MINS maximum
    • 4 min transitions
  • Each Facilitator (most everyone should have had their vajra time blocks assigned in previous email), should be in the room half an hour before session. 
  • FIVE MIN WINDOW: Be at the side stage 5mins before your time;
    • We will mic you.
    • Pull up any presentation slides.
    • You will be introduced by the MC.
    • There will be a time countdown promter: The ‘stage’ is yours. 
  • Dress for recording is “dress or business casual” or “speaker-teacher appropriate”. We ask respect for the space, intent and audience.
  • MIC Options: Hand (remote), lapel (remote), headset (remote). 

We would like to ask that speaker DO NOT USE PROFANITY on screen or in your talks. The SHIFT is dedicated to ‘raising the energy and consciousness’ of the collective field. We have initiated the TSF Clean Speech Initiative, as means to help guide thoughts and the mind.  *We don’t judge anyone who uses it, we just ask that these be the HOUSE RULES for the SYMPOSIUM!

We recommend MS Powerpoint (.pptx file) as the standard. if you just wish to use a USB-C to our system (there is some risk of font issues with this method).

  • Screen format 16:9.
  • We will be set up with a lightweight podium stand for laptop to use in Powerpoint Presenter Mode.
  • Bring a remote ‘clicker’ of your choice for USB, or use one we will have we one hand. 
  • We will be using mic recording as well as video recording. 
  • There may be some youtube streaming
  • Or you may wish to stream out. 
  • Only small cameras please
  • Please arrange WI-FI ahead of time. (Limited signal in The Barn and on the grounds.)
  • We are encouraging guests not use phones or record while in sessions. 

We will using a MacBook with HDMI and USB & USB-C ports for basic backup A/V interface (computers we are running).

  • If you use PC with MS Operating Systems, your files will need to convert to MacOS
  • You may wish to bring your own laptop and plug direct into the HDMI.
  • Or you may wish to use a STANDARD thumb-drive or portable hard drive connected to the backup interface with the proper file formats. 

If you wish to self promote and record, we ask the camera and tripod be small and unobtrusive. We will be recording from a narrow center aisle.

PROMOTIONAL TABLE: we will have 1-2 promotional materials table set up for cards, event announcements, table pop-ups, etc. (Ask about other space if needed.)


We will have chairs for our panel sessions.

Panel Sessions will have specific guidelines for Q&A, per each type of panel

The SHIFT (TSF) Recordings will be processed and made available after the event

PLEASE FIND BELOW, a copy the Speaker-Facilitator Agreement. You should have been sent an email with this form, if not please send this to us. We will be checking on the agreements in the coming weeks. 

Options: 1) Send it back with ‘blanks’ filled in, stating “I agree, with the terms.” 2)Take a snapshot of your signature & send it to us. 3) Click “I understand and agree to the TEH policies, structure, terms & conditions.” on the registration page for Speakers. Any or all of these will suffice.  



This “Speaker-Facilitator Agreement” is entered on the _____ day of ______________, 2024, is made by and between The Shift Foundation, a Texas Nonprofit Corporation with its principal place of business registered in Austin, Texas, hereinafter referred to as the “Host” or “Organizer”, and _____________________________ , with its principal place of business in ____________________,  hereinafter referred to as the “Speaker” or “Facilitator”. The Facilitator understands that the Host is not the owner of the Vista West Ranch venue. The Host & the Facilitator shall together be referred to as the “Parties”.

EVENT TIME, PLACE & THEME: The Host is in a co-hosting and sponsorship agreement with the management of Vista West Ranch for facilities usage during the

    • Event: “Total Eclipse of the Heart” — Symposium & Ceremony 
    • Duration: Friday April 5th at 5pm through Monday April 8th 2024 at 5pm. (*You are not obligated to attend the full time. Please see website.)
    • Place: Vista West Ranch & Creek Haus 
    • Location: 4045 McGregor Lane, Dripping Springs, Texas. 
    • Theme & Intentions: Heart-Centered Action & Initiation; uplifting, motivational, transformational, experiential. 

PERIOD: The event Speaker is an independent contractor during the period of the agreement. You are encouraged to stay on site or nearby and to attend as long as possible. This is a ‘co-creative’ event. Prior to and after your session, you are free to attend all sessions, network, and participate in a panel discussion. (Passes to attend the Symposium & Ceremony are given as part of compensation but your attendance is not required.)

FORMAT– “SHIFT TALKS”:  The Organizer is using a specific and concise format timed for the audience, as well to accommodate a number of presentations and facilitations. You will be asked to be on time. No extra time will be allotted. The Organizers will be using the VAJRA™ (Diamond-Lightning) 6-9-18-36 format:

  • Each individual session will have 18 MINS MAXIMUM. You may use your time how you wish. (Each double session (team speakers) and discussion panels will have 36 MINS.)
  • If you would like a short Q & A, wrap your talk at 14 MINS and the MC (master of ceremonies) will address the audience. 
  • Each Speaker will be in the assigned room no later than 30 MINS before allotted time. 
  • Each Speaker will be at the “stage area” 5 MINS before allotted time
  • Each Speaker will have 2 MINS to transition as the MC introduces the next Speaker.
  • Each session will be audio and video recorded (from multiple cameras & mics).
  • (The Speaker agrees to follow the instructions and updates listed under “Speaker Guidelines” on 2024-total-heart-eclipse.com website.) 
  • The Host reserves the right to broadcast the recording and promote the speaker-facilitator through its affiliates. 

CONTENT RULES & Guidelines:  As a Speaker-Facilitator you agree to rules of content (e.i: this is not a political rally or platform of any kind):

  • Respect: All views on religion, spiritual practices and faith are to be respected. 
  • Refrain: from “divisive speech”; any language with conscious or subliminal intent to create division, or to sway political or religious opinion, or used to chastise another faith or lack thereof.  If you don’t know if it is ‘divisive”, don’t use it. 
  • Revise: Please keep your TOPIC or the SUBJECT material in ALIGNMENT with this Symposium, and in accordance with your approved topic description. If you have previous material you use, please adapt it to fit the “theme of the Symposium”
  • Restraint: Please use polite restraint. 
    • We REQUIRE ‘clean speech’. (If you aren’t sure if it is expletive, just don’t use it.)  
      • We REQUEST limited mentions of:
        • Covid, vaccinations, controversial
        • U.S., State, or local politics, 
        • global war conditions,
        • trans-gender divide,
        • ‘agendas’ or destructive narratives,
      • Please limit these in your discussions as well. (The mission intent is to uplift, and not to use fear-based conversations to elicit emotions.)

NOTE: These are not the TOPICS or the SUBJECT MATERIAL of this Symposium. (These keywords, topics and mentions also affect the social media algorithms for recordings and promotions). We are not opposed to their BRIEF mentions in an objective non-inflammatory manner, when kept in context. 

ATTIRE: Please dress appropriately & professionally; no profanity, divisive attire or political slogans.

The event Speaker understands and agrees with the structure, format, duration and intent of the presentation. You also understand and agree that you are not only representing your own personal views, that as a guest you are representing the venue and the organizers. (We are not suppressing your personal views; this is not the event or platform for presenting political, religious or divisive rhetoric.)

CONTENT & COPYRIGHT: The Speaker agrees to follow content guidelines provided by the Organizers, as well as Copyright guidelines for Fair Use & Educational material. The Organizers reserve the right to withhold the digital publication of the presentation or otherwise label the talk with an editorial flag. Please use images and copyright material in accordance with federal laws and guidelines. 

CLEAN SPEECH INITIATIVE: The Host organization has a continued work policy of “clean speech” for our audiences, both in person and online. During your facilitation and as a representative guest of The Shift Foundation at the Symposium, we ask all Speakers, Facilitators, Vendors, Organizers & Volunteers refrain from expletives, either during your allotted time or with attendees. 


Title & Tag of the Presentation(s) or Facilitation(s): (Please fill in) _____________________________________________________________


(*If you have not already given your full description(s), please email the a.s.a.p. to the TEH organizers.) 

THE PARTIES AGREE, as follows:

Facilitator Access: The Facilitator will have access to the main space before the attendees and during designated hours. The site is secured and monitored after-hours. Please be responsible for your promotional items.

Facilitator Arrival

  • If you are coming for the Full Symposium, you may arrive as early as the night prior, April 4th, for the following mornings team builder, yoga and meal time (arrange your early stay with Host).
  • Optional: You may arrive in the morning of the day of your presentation, regardless of scheduled time. (In case times need to be changed)
  • If the Facilitator wishes to book the SHIFT presenter table or break-out table, you may do so upon arrival. (An indoor table in the vendor area, as well as an outdoor table pop-up in the designated area.) 

The Host agrees to provide:

    • A central shared promotional table for promo fliers or cards (limited space).  
    • Indoor Time-shared Speaker Reception table, for you to book as available (first come-first serve).
    • Breakout Space, either: 
      • 1) table area in one of the indoor zones
      • Or 2) an outdoor level cleared ground area in a designated Facilitator section w
    • Camping Space: 
      • ‘First-come-first’ served tent camping space, 
      • 3 nights Friday April 5th-Sunday April 8th
      • in either Vista West the attendee camping area 
      • or the Creek Haus overflow and RV area.
      • Extended: Pre- or Post nights are also open, as Facilitator Special Camp Add-on for an additional discounted listed price _____ (see online current listing).
  • *NOT INCLUDED: Lodging at Vista West is not Camping Space. Lodging may be added as an addition with a 20% discount from the current listed price, as a Facilitator.


  • Passes
      • One 1) Symposium Pass with *Camping Included, for the 4-day Symposium and “Sol Invictus” Ceremony. 
      • Optional: 50% Discounted Speaker Guest Pass for One 1) guest, for the Symposium and/or Ceremony.
    • Network: 
      • Shared promotional table for materials for your services and brand.
      • Shared self-scheduled speaker reception table (book on arrival).
      • Shared self-scheduled *break-out table/area for discussion, services or counseling. (Schedule as needed). 
      • (*If you also wish to vend, you may book a vendor table with ‘speaker discount’, as well.)
    • Accommodation: 
      • This is an indoor/outdoor event, *Camping is included.
      •  If you wish to lodge at Vista West you may request a code for 20% discount for your dorm, bunk or room (limited). Contact TSF, if you would like Lodging separately).
  • FOOD: Food options are available on site. (Meals must be pre-ordered with our chefs at booking, you will receive and email in coming weeks to place your order.) Restaurants & stores are also available in nearby Dripping Springs, Wimberley, or Austin. 
  • Recordings: 
  • Your session recordings will be edited, posted and promoted on our websites, youtube, rumble, spotify and/or other platforms. 
    • Please include your website and contact information for promotions & services of recording sessions. 


 Each Facilitator is asked and encouraged to promote, leading up to the event as a Host  “Affiliate”

  • Go the 2024-total-heart-eclipse.com website and REGISTER & SUBIMIT the form.
  • Refer people to come see you there and promote the event. 
  • Over a three week period, anyone you refer the event to will be tracked automatically. If they purchase a ticket, you will receive your percentage after close of accounts following the event (or you can donate those proceeds back to The SHIFT Foundation, the non-profit host organizer, with a non-taxable donation).  
  • You will receive a percentage of tracked ticket sales, (See AFFILIATE AREA on the 2024-total-heart-eclipse.com website for more details and to register.)

This is an automated affiliate code system (and will not be tracked manually) for any person who you refer who registers to attend and pays for the event using the Facilitator’s tracking code; the Facilitator-affiliate will receive 10% (services fees and taxes apply) of those tickets you refer. The Shift Foundation agrees to pay the Facilitator any affiliate amounts, as soon as possible after full accounts are closed following the close of the event. 

Agreement in Effect:  The terms of this agreement will take effect upon:

  1. Return of this document through email submission, AND, 
  2. The r.s.v.p using the ONLINE Ticketing and REGISTRATION Portal on the Facilitator Page at the 2024-total-heart-eclipse.com website.

Both parties agree that the date and time of the ‘digital email time stamp’ and payment receipt will suffice.

Termination due to Unethical Conduct: The Shift Foundation retains the right to terminate this contract at any time during the event due to the Facilitator’s illegal or unethical conduct. Any Facilitator fees are non-refundable.

Warranty and Liability: The Facilitator warrants that all services and goods provided, iif any, will meet the agreed-upon specifications and standards.

Governing Law: This Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Texas.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this Facilitator Agreement as of the date indicated above.

The Shift Foundation, Registered Agent

Signed: ____________________________

Name: Shannon Gill or Russell Ohlhausen Title _______________________

__________________________________[Facilitator Company, pracitice or d/b/a]

Signed: ____________________________

Name_______________________________   Title_______________________

Each facilitator agrees to maintain dignity, respect, integrity, courtesy and reverence during the event.

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