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Russ von Ohlhausen &
SHannon Lei Gill

Shannon Gill & Russell Ohlhausen, brought together through their mythical Twin Flame union have a powerful vision and mission to ambassador this massive leap in consciousness into the Age of Aquarius. Each of them have more than 30 years experience of multi-cultural spiritual practices and decades of astrological study and service in the community, and the alchemy of their union creates a powerful forcefield of love and expansion that is palpable.

In 2005, Russell co-founded the Astrological Society of Austin, to which Shannon later served as President. Since 2016, they founded and operated Lotus Bend Sanctuary, a spiritual retreat center in Austin, Tx. They jointly, bringing together astrology, alchemy, ritual and dance both locally and internationally.

They work with astrologically conscious embodiment through unifying head, heart & hands” and most recently have launched their legacy work with their online school of consciousness -“ASTRAM ALLIANCE, and operate their non-profit organization, “The Shift Foundation” out of Wimberley, Tx.

Through their two organizations, they lead events and retreats, motivated by their dedication to returning astrological knowledge and practice, to their rightful and sacred place in our world… and mid-wiving humanity’s ‘Shift’ in consciousness.

Shannon maintains a counseling & coaching practice and Russell is a research astrologer & writer. 

They currently reside in Wimberley, Texas and have two amazing children, Weston and Victoria.

SHannon Lei Gill

Shannon Gill synthesizes Evolutionary Astrology, Buddhist philosophy, and Jungian psychology to create an alchemical healing experience for clients and groups. She received her degree in Buddhist Psychology & Dance Therapy from Naropa University in Boulder, has professional certifications from the Archetypal Academy and the ‘Complete Course of Evolutionary Astrology’, and most recently graduated from the ‘Lotus Energy Institute’- Mystery School. Shannon is a past president for the Astrological Society of Austin and in 2005, she founded the ‘Rhythm Sanctuary’ ecstatic dance movement in Colorado, which has evolved into a “celestial embodiment” movement practice offered at astrology conferences. With partner Russell von Ohlhausen they offer classes and workshops through The Shift Foundation, their 501c3 with a focus on the evolution of the personal and collective consciousness through mind/body/spirit unification and frequency attunement. 

Russell von Ohlhausen

Russell von OHLHAUSEN is an ontological researcher, writer, lecturer and astrologer; his work reflects a lifetime of study of science, religions, myths, metaphysics & most importantly —nature. He co-found of the Astrological Society of Austin in 2005 and past president & v.p. He has taught on metaphysics & science at Kepler College, serving as interim advisor with Kepler Research Institute, in Seattle, WA., taught with Astrology Hub (astrologyhub.com), and NCGR, ISAR, IVC, OPA, UACand lectured with various esoteric organizations. A student of Hermetic & Spiritual philosophy, Russ has travelled and resided briefly in Tibet & Nepal. In ‘former lives’ he studied history, science and psychology at Navarro-Commerce A&M; served in the U.S. Navy.

In 2005, Russ founded a non-profit organization, which, with his partner Shannon, has since evolved into The Shift Foundation (a Texas-based Non-Profit), dedicated to the reintegration of ancient ritual reverence with new models of spirituality in a modern world. TSF brings people together and introduces them to cultural ceremonial and healing modalities. In 2014, he co-founded & constructed Lotus Bend Sanctuarya small community retreat/event center in South Austin, Texas on 7 acres, which has hosted hundreds of facilitators and been visited by 1000’s of people from around the world. 

Today, Russell is focused on creating tools & resources to help reintegrate the ancient wisdoms with modern science and reviving the path to holistic spiritual living. His work in cosmological mechanics, and astrological & mathematical research, Celestia Mathematica,  has been taught and shared by other astrological schools as part of a foundational theory of the governing structure behind ancient knowledge. He & Shannon are building a new online school for metaphysical , scientific and consciousness.

He is also the creator of Zodiac Faces: Planetary Physiognomy, SACRED CODES, The Holy Myth: The Bible as Astrological Treatise,  Spectral Astrology, and the ARC-Database Initiative (Astrological Research Collaborative), among many projects. 

Joe & Stacy HoAge

Joe & Stacy at Vista West Ranch and The Creekhaus.


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